METIS Hospitality Consultant – Experience-driven hospitality solutions

Founder and Director

Holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in the Tourism Industry from Nakhon Ratchasima Rajhabhat University, Phitchayaporn specialized in Real Estate and joined the Green Heritage Group in Phuket from 2003 to 2009, initially managing property sales administration. Later, she joined several of Phuket’s most luxurious property agents as an exclusive sales agent, including the Katamanda Estate, Kata Gardens, The Heights Phuket, and Serenity Terraces. In 2010, I joined Triple C Hotels & Resorts as Sales & Marketing Manager where she also took care of events & weddings, and other PR activities for Serenity Resort and Residences, Friendship Beach Resort in Phuket. Phitchayaporn is the driving element of the vision “To help people enjoy a better life!” and always believed a story is never written in isolation, we do not act in a one-man play and whatever we do, will affect other people’s lives, no matter how loudly we say “it’s your business, not mine”, but she always believed that through unity there is power and through diversity there is unity.



METIS Housing Development – Building your vision into your home

Carsten BRAUN
Managing Partner

In the hours following the tsunami in Phuket, state-certified construction technician & local entrepreneur, Carsten Braun, who was vacationing there at the time, took it upon himself to help build shelters for the people who lost their homes. Established in Hua Hin for a few years, German precise, perfectionist, and an eye for the details makes him one of the most trusted and successful construction technicians to build your house. Under his leadership, METIS Housing Development is focused on constructing different types of residential projects including luxurious and affordable houses, retirement villages and small hotels, restaurants and bars as well as renovations, etc. Dedicated, and goal-oriented, he strives to lead his team and grow the company with a strong sense of moral integrity and commitment to quality work and true customer service. Carsten will make sure the work associated with his name is nothing short of perfection.




Phonphan BRAUN
P&R and Government Relations & Interpreter

Holder of a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Rajabhat University Maha Sarakham and Certified Real estate agent, Phonphan started her career in the hospitality industry and quickly moved up the social ladder. Multiskilled and multilingual, she speaks Thai, German, and English and is often called upon as an interpreter or translator, when language becomes a barrier.

Her intricate knowledge of the local authorities combined with her expertise in real estate makes her an important key player throughout all METIS Hospitality Co., Ltd. platforms. Besides this, Phonphan also specializes in Visa, driving licenses, insurance and has a clear understanding of the Thai bureaucracy.




Media and Digital Consultant

I hold a Master of the Graduate School of Communication Arts and Management Innovation (GSCM) at the National Institute of Development Administration and Bachelor’s Degree of Fine and Applied Arts at Dhurakij Pundit University. I am multi-functional and specialized in graphic design, social media, digital marketing content, Facebook, advertisement, and online content writing (Thai).

Since 2016, I worked for companies such as Ducati Thailand, Weber Shandwick Thailand, the National Institute of Development Administration, and the Royal Enfield Thonglor.

Currently, I work as a part-time consultant for METIS Hospitality and do freelance work for the Royal Enfield Thailand and write my own riding review for the Royal Enfield Motorcycle on my personal Facebook, which received many likes and comments.



Paveena BUSER
Business Development and Food GURU Trainer

I’ve graduated from the hard school of life and gained my experience and training in administration but my passion has always been FOOD. Born and raised in a family of Thai Chefs, I’ve learned my skills looking at my entire family cooking, it requires years of experience to keep the real authenticity.

Culinary thrill-seeker at heart, I was fortunate to have traveled Europe to share and teach my passion for Thai food whilst accumulating a wealth of European ethnic food. I worked and owned a restaurant in Switzerland but I couldn’t resist coming back to Thailand, the call was too strong. I’ve joined METIS Hospitality Co., Ltd as business development and food guru trainer to meet with owners and their kitchen teams and show them the true values of Thai food.




Sirikanya INDEEKAM
Personal Assistant & Business Development

I have a Bachelor Degree in Marketing from St-John University in Bangkok, previously I have worked for many years in the hospitality industry. I’ve managed fine dining Restaurants and I have an unquenchable love for food and wine. I excel in customer relationship management with good proficiency in-service training, SOP implementation, theme, and concept execution.

My Marketing background allows me to push and promote F&B concepts as well as hotel & restaurant promotions through the right communication channel to reach a broader targeted market. I’ve joined METIS Hospitality Co., Ltd as a Personal Assistant and Business Development to push our company to higher levels and reach the right clients. ”Experience-driven hospitality solutions” is who we are!