Reopening resort guide


As fragments of lights appear on the tourism horizon, preparing for a reopening involves many factors and preparations need to take place now rather than later. With the challenges presented by Covid-19, the time to review your hotel technology solutions, preventive maintenance, standard operating procedure, training, and staffing needs to be planned with parsimony, “Plan your work and work your plan”!

  • Work with local travel agents and DMCs, and create a lasting bond
  • Be reasonable with your room rates and do not expect them to be close to your 2019 rates, as you may find yourself with no partners or contracts. Raising rates must be mutually agreed upon from both sides. Increase rates over time, and keep your fingers on the pulse of trend, check with your agent partners and your competition the selling rates they are applying, seek a win-win for both sides during re-opening.
  • Build your occupancy step by step
  • Review your policies (children policy, pet policy, extra bed) and introduce a favorable ‘senior’ policy, so that families can come together and enjoy your property
  • Control your manpower and budgets
  • Review your F&B offerings to match your customer profile, adjust your recipes and review your food and beverage costs
  • Emphasize your uniqueness (USP’s), the more, the merrier!
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative and innovative – Uniqueness is what separates YOU from the rest
  • Check that all your licenses and insurance are up-to-date and renew where applicable. Including vehicles.
  • Communicate clearly your reopening plan with your shareholders and/or partners
  • Review regularly your COVID hygiene policies and ensure they are implemented at ALL levels
  • Look at cloud-based and integrated solutions and review PMS
  • Update your website and promotions & Facebook and Instagram

METIS Hospitality Consultants can help you through all your steps and bring you a ONE STOP SOLUTION to ensure your property is not just reopening but operations ready. We are happy to work in collaboration with HMP Masters, a comprehensive, integrated platform, delivering simplicity, efficiency, productivity, and value for money.