Property Condition Assessment

If you are thinking of purchasing a property in Thailand, you should always ensure a property condition assessment (PFC) is done on the house, before making any decision. Buying a property may be a ‘dream’ come true, but buying a property in good condition is a different story!

When purchasing an existing property in Thailand, old or new, due diligence does not simply begin and end with a review of the financial data. There are many steps, involving a series of inquiries. It is quintessential that multiple layers of screening are carried out to ensure that “The Buyer” is making a properly informed decision, based on all information available.

Aside from the legal and financial aspect of due diligence, a thorough examination of the physical condition of the property is part of the acquisition process you cannot afford to forgo. Understanding the condition of an existing property is an absolute MUST DO! It’s an opportunity to check whether or not the property has been maintained, and if not – what to expect! You can use this information for better negotiation or back-out of the transaction altogether.

Download our PDF factsheet: Inspect For The Unexpected

METIS Housing development provides a detailed Property Condition Assessment service.

We offer 2x types of PCA services:

1. In-depth inspection with picture and written report
Outdoors, indoors, garden, pool, and any additional structural components

• Main gate & surroundings
• CCTV & alarm (if any)
• Driveway, carpark, storage room(s)
• Check foundation and basement (if accessible)
• Interior plumbing systems & drains
• Interior electrical systems
• Cooling systems/temperature
• Condition of windows, doors, and door frames & mosquito screens
• Condition of floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, windward
• The attic and any visible insulation & electrical wiring & infestation
• Water pressure and water heaters and temperature
• Major appliances
• Condition of the roof, rain gutters, airflow
• Condition of the pool
• Condition of the pumps & water filers
• Sewage & wastewater tank system
• Wifi connection (if any)

2. Full inspection due diligence service, includes Title deed, servitudes, zoning ordinance, building permits, credential of the seller/developer + in-depth inspection of the property with picture and report)

EXTRA (subject to additional fees)

• Water testing (microbes, toxic metals, high mineral content (softness/hardness), and pH.)
• Solar panel functionality and working condition
• Solar water heater functionality and working condition

With this in mind, if you decide to buy a property in Thailand, then you want to ensure you get a trustworthy, independent party involved, to check the property, who understands the market, the laws of the country, and the potential risks and pitfalls. Do not just focus on the positive attributes and “the dream” until you are certain you know what you are buying into.

METIS housing development is an independent and impartial company composed of qualified professionals specialized in home construction under German, Swiss and Thai leadership, hired by ‘The Client’ to assess the overall condition of a property. We believe in core values such as trust, integrity, efficiency, service quality as we are committed to delivering a reliable professional service to our clients in a timely manner with guaranteed satisfaction so that in return, our clients will trust us and recommend us further.

Our reports are not intended to reflect the value of the premises, make any representation as to the advisability of purchase, nor harm the reputation of ‘The Developer’, ‘The Contractor’ and/or ‘The seller’.

METIS Housing Development and METIS Boutique law firm is your One-Stop-Shop for all of your due diligence needs, including legal, financial, and house inspection.

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