Our Story


Every problem has a solution and eventually leads to a story. Our story is no different from the millions of people around the globe, the pandemic epidemic Covid-19 swiped away dreams, hopes, jobs, and income.

With many hospitality business owners struggling to find ways to survive, we were keen to support and provide a one-stop solution to them, as we strongly believe in the continuity and longevity of boutique properties throughout Thailand. We decided to create METIS Hospitality Co., Ltd. a consortium of intuitive, instinctive, independent, and like-minded individuals, founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: To offer our clients our expertise at a reasonable price while leading the way for socially conscious businesses in a progressive manner.

METIS Hospitality Co., Ltd., and METIS HOUSING DEVELOPMENT & SERVICES are committed to delivering a reliable professional comprehensible service to our clients in a timely manner with guaranteed satisfaction so that in return, our clients will trust us and recommend us further.

From there and because we care, our slogan was born too.


To help people enjoy a better life!