hospitality solutions

The future of consultancy and management of Hotels & Resorts & Restaurants in Asia starts here. The hospitality and travel industry is suffering from the outbreak of the C-19 pandemic epidemic since early 2020. We view sustainable and more efficient hotel & restaurant management practices with increased innovation and creativity to grow revenue as the key to improving your performance with greater success during these challenging times.


Our uniqueness is to provide you with robust expertise, we can audit, we can teach, we can develop, we can problem-solve, we can walk into a hotel and fix it… be it service, financial, operational, or creative solutions in ways that others can’t. We are a consortium of intuitive, instinctive, independent, and like-minded individuals, who have succeeded and who have failed, who have opened and who have closed, who have experimented and sometimes conformed, seeking solutions for your hospitality needs. We are METIS Hospitality Consultants, free-spirited individuals who cannot be put into boxes but who think out of the box to provide you with solutions.

Our clients are:

  • Small luxury boutique hotels
  • Hotel developers, management companies, consultants
  • Hotel owning companies
  • Golf / private member clubs
  • Top-end operators of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and restaurant franchise organizations.


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