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We are an experienced team of passionate and innovative hospitality leaders, keen to provide a one-stop solution to independent hotel and resort owners. We believe in the continuity and longevity of boutique properties throughout Asia with offices based in Thailand and Hong Kong.

METIS Hospitality Consultants was created by a group of senior managers with career backgrounds in some of the world’s best international hotels, high-end unique luxurious properties, and golf clubs in Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific with companies such as Hyatt International, Hilton Worldwide, Dubai Golf and high-end, prestigious boutique properties with a vision of:

“Managing an exclusive collection of properties in Asia that want to maintain their distinctive and individual identities.”

We value long-term relationships with property owners stimulated by dialogue and feedback at all times which guarantees a high level of owner satisfaction and involvement. We are recognized as leaders in providing exceptionally managed hotel and resort services with outstanding food and beverage operations, revenue management, creative sales, and marketing.

“We are specialists in sales and marketing and business development to grow a hotel and resort brand as well as revenue and profitability in a very competitive industry.”


Our managed boutique resorts and hotels operate in joint collaboration with the owners a series of corporate values and business guidelines that are consistently delivered with standard operating policies and procedures ensuring each department of the hotel is operating efficiently.

The guiding principles of METIS Hospitality Consultants are high standards of operation and the implementation of our 5-core values to ensure every guest receives a world-class experience and owners maximize every chance of success

Growing and developing local people with structured skills training and educational programs are fundamental at our managed properties as well as motivational rewards and recognition schemes.

Having established a series of key performance indicators and benchmarks continuously measures our results and monitors progress.


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